COLLABORATION POST: Cooking in a DePaul dorm

**NOTE** This post also appears on The Producer as part of a collaboration project.

Taking a brief break from reviews to let my wallet recuperate! Instead, let’s talk cooking. One of the keenest disappointments of dorm life is the loss of cooking agency—often, students lack access to stoves and ovens. College student budgets aside, it can be hard to find the resources to make a home-cooked meal in a tiny communal kitchen. And although studies have suggested cooking veggies in a microwave may preserve nutrients better than stir-frying or baking, the day-in-day-out monotony of microwaveable food eventually wears down even the thriftiest spirits.

DePaul sophomore Abby St. Claire knows this struggle well. She lives in McCabe Hall, where her kitchen consists of a microwave, a toaster oven and a sink.

“We originally thought before we moved in here that we would have a stove and a full kitchen and a sink and everything,” she said. “But we do not, and that is very challenging.”

To make do, she usually picks up something she can pop in the microwave, like a teriyaki tofu bowl from Whole Foods.

“For dinner, it just really depends on what my day looks like,” she said. “Sometimes I’ll get something like [the teriyaki bowl] that I can just do really quickly if I’m busy, or I’ll get something from the Student Center, or I’ll be eating out because I have other things to do.

“That’s easier, and more delicious,” she adds.

You can check out the rest of our interview in the video above.


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